Bing Entertainment News Quiz Answers (3-27-2024)

1. Anne Hathaway says she missed out on roles in the 2010s because of...

A Online hate

B Legal issues

C Health challenges

The correct answer is: Online hate

2. Which movie franchise is gearing up for a marathon (in theaters) of all its motion pictures?

A Star Wars

B Alien

C Batman

The correct answer is: Star War

3. Ex-James Bond star George Lazenby approves of which actor as the next 007?

A Henry Cavill

B Aaron Taylor-Johnson

C Tom Hardy

The correct answer is: Aaron Taylor-Johnson

4. What sidelined Bruce Springsteen from singing for a few months?


B Sore throat

C Peptic ulcer

The correct answer is: Peptic ulcer

5. Action star Arnold Schwarzenegger says he's 'more of a machine' because...

A He installed a pacemaker

B He got a titanium knee

C He increased his bench press

The correct answer is: He installed a pacemaker

6. Which rapper's homes were raided by federal authorities?

A Eminem

B Sean 'Diddy' Combs

C Cardi B

The correct answer is: Sean 'Diddy' Combs

7. Which of these movie props was the highest seller at a recent auction?

A Axe from 'The Shining'

B Floating door from 'Titanic'

C Indiana Jones' bullwhip

The correct answer is: Floating door from 'Titanic'

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