Microsoft Rewards: Bing News Quiz Answers Today

1. Japan is set to launch the first eco-friendly satellite. What's it made of?

A Stone

B Plant fibers

C Wood

The correct answer is: Wood

2. North Korea is accused of dropping what on South Korea from balloons?

A Trash

B Propaganda leaflets

C Horse manure

The correct answer is: Trash

3. According to a new study, having this done may increase a person's risk of cancer…

A Liposuction

B Botox

C Getting a tattoo

The correct answer is: Getting a tattoo

4. 'Stranger Things' star Millie Bobby Brown, 20, married the son of which famous rock singer?

A Jon Bon Jovi

B Bono

C Sting

The correct answer is: Jon Bon Jovi

5. Which notorious '70s inmate was just denied parole for the 12th time?

A Leslie Van Houten

B David Berkowitz (Son of Sam)

C Mark David Chapman

The correct answer is: David Berkowitz (Son of Sam)

6. The 'world's rarest album' is about to go on display in an Australian gallery. Who made the album?

A Wu-Tang Clan

B Taylor Swift

C Tupac Shakur

The correct answer is: Wu-Tang Clan

7. Which aerospace company is set to fly astronauts to the ISS for the first time?

A Boeing

B SpaceX

C Blue Origin

The correct answer is: Boeing

8. Statistics for over 2,300 Negro League players were incorporated into which sports league's official record?




The correct answer is: MLB

9. Speaking of MLB, Ángel Hernández retired after working 3 decades in the league as...

A A broadcaster

B A general manager

C An umpire

The correct answer is: An umpire

10. The US returned over $65M in looted antiquities to which European nation?

A France

B Greece

C Italy

The correct answer is: Italy

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